Seven-City Upholstery Tour
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September 2019-March 2020

Upholstery Workshops

Designed with you in mind


bringing you the basics of upholstery

One Chair at a Time

Picture your dream chair or bench. Now picture yourself sitting in that dream chair knowing you designed and upholstered it with your own hands. Join Nicole Crowder Upholstery in your city as she walks you step-by-step in reupholstering your small dream chair from start to finish.

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Hands on


Each one-day workshop is a hands-on experience tailor made to give you the tools and resources needed to start and finish a piece all in one class. Learn step-by-step how to strip furniture, what materials are needed to build chairs back up, essential upholstery tools and supplies, and everything you want to know about fabric from which materials are best suited for upholstery to how to clean and care for it.

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What You’ll Experience


Reupholster Your Dream Chair

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Learn Tips on Effective Upholstery Techniques


Connect with fellow design enthusiasts

If the bones of a piece of furniture are good, everything else is cosmetic