What Do I Wear to the Workshop?

Because of the nature of the work we will be doing, it is strongly advised that you wear closed toe-shoes, jeans and a comfortable fitting t-shirt. You will be handling staples and sharp tools, so if you would like to bring gloves you are more than welcome to as gloves will not be provided.

Do I need To Bring My Own Chair and Fabric?

Yes. Each attendee is asked to bring his or her own chair to work on. All chairs must be pre-approved by Nicole at least two weeks prior to attending your chosen class date. You can have your chair pre-approved by e-mailing a photo to crowder.nicole@gmail.com with your class date and city in the subject.

You are also encouraged to bring your own desired fabric.

What Kinds of Chairs Are Allowed?

To ensure a level playing field for all upholstery skill levels, and that we maximize each four-hour class session, large upholstery projects will not be permitted. These include:

-Fully reupholstered chairs


-Settees or loveseats

-Chairs, benches or ottomans that require cushions be made or sewn.

-Large, overstuffed chairs that require additional upholstery tools/techniques

-Multiple chairs

-Large barrel chairs. 

Please note all chairs, benches, and small ottomans must be approved by Nicole before each class. While armed chairs are welcome, open-armed chairs are best for beginning-level classes. Please see my Instagram (@nicolemcrowder) under the “Studio News” highlights page for a visual guide to chairs that are and are NOT allowed. Please e-mail a photo of your item at least two weeks prior to your scheduled class session to crowder.nicole@gmail.com. Please include the date of your class session. 

The intention of the beginning courses is to give you confidence to tackle larger projects at home by teaching basic techniques. If your chair requires sewing, painting, staining or sanding, please be sure to complete those finishes prior to the class as we will only focus on the basics of upholstery dealing with fabric and materials. Chairs that require piping/trim for a completed look are accepted, but attendee will need to take care of piping independently.

What If I Am Unable to Find A Chair In Time?

Unfortunately because Nicole will be traveling to various cities during this tour she is unable to source a demo chair on your behalf. But if you need assistance finding local second furniture shops in your area, please e-mail Nicole or check your local Yelp listings.

Are Tickets Refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable. However, they are transferable. If you are unable to attend the workshop for whatever reason, you are welcome to sell your ticket to another person who wishes to attend. Nicole is unable to facilitate ticket transfers on your behalf. If you have already purchased a ticket but your chair selection is ultimately not approved by the time of your class date a refund will not be issued. Please read all disclaimers regarding approved chairs before purchasing your ticket. If you have any questions, please e-mail Nicole at crowder.nicole@gmail.com prior to registering.

Will Food be Provided?

Food will not be available at the workshops, but waters for each attendee will be. You are also welcome to bring coffee or any beverages you prefer.

Will Parking be Available?

Parking will depend on each city’s location. We are taking great consideration in picking venues to insure that attendees will be able to easily access it via car or public transportation.